Referral Income

You can network and enjoy the amazing commission ranging from 7 % to 10 %. You can refer your friends, family and anybody and earn referral income depending on what investment package they choose to begin with.

Here are the four packages

That you can choose based on your preferences


Sigma is a delightful package for the beginners to start their journey. Invest and earn decent returns with Sigma.

7 % Earnings


Omega is a warm up package for those hustlers out there trying to pave their way up in the food chain.

8 % Earnings


Beta is the penultimate package for those full-time investors and leaders with great returns and capping limits.

9 % Earnings


Alpha is the Ultimate package, earn aggresively with alpha and its impressive returns. Be an Alpha!

10 % Earnings

Account activation is not mandatory to earn referral income, but you will have to activate your account if you want to withdraw your referral income.

  • Your referral income will be credited to your IB wallet.
  • You can withdraw your IB earnings any day, anytime.
  • 6 % withdrawal charges are applicable on the requested amount as standard.
  • Minimum withdrawal amount stands at $10.
  • Unlimited users can be referred to earn unlimited income.
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