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Frequently Asked Questions

why the sky's the limit when using Inclusive Cryptos.

01. What is Cryptocurrency?

cryptocurrency is a digital currency built with cryptographic protocols that make transactions secure and difficult to fake.

02. What is Crypto trading?

Cryptocurrencies are volatile and their value keeps fluctuating. Cryptotrading involves buying the currencies at low rates and selling them when their prices hike. The difference amount is profits. Continuosly the currencies are traded and profits are earned.

03. What is InclusiveCryptos?

InclusiveCryptos is a Cryptotrading platform which lets users to invest in us. We pool the users’ funds and trade them in the continuously tripping market values of cryptocurrencies. The profits are earned and are credited back to users as Daily returns.

04. Why us?

We are world-class leading platform and we will do everything that takes for us to stay on top of other trading platforms. Our Servers are fast, secure and spam proof.

05. Is InclusiveCryptos legally registered?

Yes, InclusiveCryptos is legally registered in Arkansas, USA.

06. How do you protect the website from DDOS attack?

Our Site is protected by Cloudfare Ddos protection.

07. Do you have any restriction on any specific Geographical Area?

No, All the sites of Inclusive Investments Services Limited are globally accessible.

08. How do I join and start working at InclusiveCryptos?

Unlike Inclusiveforex, InclusiveCryptos doesn’t have Admin sponsor, so you will need to have a sponsor to join Inclusivecryptos.

10. If I invest via particular cryptocurrency will I get profits based on trading of only that cryptocurrency?

You are free to invest in us via any cryptocurrency or e-currency we support, we will trade in all of them and earn ptofits.

11. Is KYC mandatory?

KYC is not mandatory, its only for security purposes, you can use all the features of InclusiveCryptos without getting KYC verified too. You will not be restrained from any features.

12. What Is minimum withdrawal?

Minimum withdrawal is $10.

13. What is m-pin?

Mpin is a security code provided to you confidentially which is provided to user. It needs to be verified while withdrawing and wallet transfers.

14. Can I create multiple accouns with a single mail id?

Yes you can create infinite user ids with a single mail ID.

15. Can I withdraw my affiliate income though I don’t have an active package?

Atleast minimum active package is necessary to withdraw your earnings.

16. What if I have misplaced or forgotten my account password?

If you have forgotten your password then you can click on FORGOT PASSWORD to reset your password.

17. Can I change my email address, if yes how?

Mail us from your currently registered mail id , your user id and new mail id , it will be done.

18. How long does it take for my withdrawal request to be processed?

Well, all the withdrawals are processed ASAP. Sometimes the withdrawal requests are more, they are queued and processed within 24 hours.

19. What are withdrawal charges?

For both roi and ib wallet , the withdrawal charges will 6%.

20. What is ROI wallet?

All the daily returns will be credited to roi wallet.

21. What is IB wallet?

Affiliate income and Binary income will be credited to IB wallet.

22. What is Ctrade wallet?

You can transfer funds to Ctrade wallet and use them to generate voucher and compound your earnings(reinevstment). You can escape withdrawal charges by doing this and make a note that you cant withdraw funds from CTrade wallet. You will also earn commissions of 1 to 2.5% for transferring to Ctrade wallet.

23. When can I withdraw my earnings?

You can withdraw anytime from IB wallet. You can withdraw on 10 th and 25 th from ROI wallet.

24. What is voucher?

Voucher is a code that can be generated by funds from Ctrade wallet. It can be used to reinvest in ones user id or other user id.

25. What will be the mode withdrawal when I activate a package through Ecode/Voucher?

While you are activating a package via Voucher, you will asked to choose a mode of payment gateway, that will be your mode of withdrawal.

26. What will be the mode of withdrawal when I make multiple investments via multiple payment gateways in a single account?

Whatever payment gateway was chosen for the first and foremost investment, the same mode will be the mode of withdrawal for that account, no matter which payment gateway is chosen for reinvestments.

27. What are the possibilities of wallet transfer?

You can transfer funds from ROI wallet and Ib wallet to Ctrade wallet.

28. What about my investment, will I get it back?

Your returns include your investment.

29. Is there any age restrictions to join this business.?

No there is no age limit to do a business, Users of all the ages, sex , caste, creed and color are allowed to join. Inclusive Investmenrt services limited is pretty diversified.

30. What kind of encryption InclusiveFX has and how protected is the website?

We do have an extended validation SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate. You can check the details on our Homepage. Fortunately, all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. We provide the standard and secure technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser.

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