Based on vouchers

C-Trade Income

On your dashboard, along with other information, you shall see three wallets ROI, IB, CTRADE wallet.

  • All your daily earnings will be credited to your ROI wallet.
  • All your introducing broker income will be credited to your IB wallet.

Then comes Ctrade wallet where you can earn commissions for your transactions.

You can transfer your earnings from ROI and IB wallet to Ctrade wallet and earn commissions as given below. The commission will be credited to the same account from which wallet transfer will happen and the Ctrade commissions will roll out on 10th or 20th or 30th of a month whichever is the next closest date from the date of wallet transfer. 50% of the commission is credited to Ctrade wallet, the other 50% is credited to IB wallet. The Ctrade commission is rewarded only once per wallet transfer, given minimum wallet transfer is $100 to be eligible for Ctrade commission.

You can generate vouchers from Ctrade wallet. You can use them to activate a downliner’s account or make a reinvestment in your account. The main purpose of this is to escape withdrawal charges and savour the full profits of the earnings.

  • Funds cannot be withdrawn from Ctrade wallet.
  • Transactions made to Ctrade wallet cannot be reverted.
  • Ctrade percentage roll over on 10th, 20th and 30th of every month.
  • Profit bonus will be added 50% to IB wallet and 50% to Ctrade wallet.
  • Minimum $100 wallet transfer to be eligible for Ctrade commission.
Accumulated Ctrade Percentage (%)
Starts from $100 1.00
$2500 1.25
$5000 1.60
$10000 2.00
$25000 and above 2.50
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